Picture of a young girl found in Hurwicz family papers.

Inscription in Polish:

Kochanemu = “to (my) beloved (or dear)”
wujowstwu is the vocative of wujowstwo, a dual noun meaning “Uncle and Aunt” (wujek means “uncle”) *
na pamiątkę = “as a souvenir” (to remember me by)
od = “from”
nieznośny = “insufferable” (literally “unbearable”)
Krysi = probably the name of the girl in the picture

So perhaps, “To my dear Uncle and Aunt, to remember me by, from insufferable Krysi”

The final line is the place and date: Łódź (where Adek, Zina and Henry spent the period immediately following World War II), December 23, 1945

Klara Samuels, in God Does Play Dice, mentions a “Krysia, later called Chris” (p. 33) who survived the war and eventually came to the United States (p. 210).  However, Klara doesn’t mention any family relationship, so the reference to “uncle and aunt” seems wrong.  Also, the Krysi in the picture seems younger than the 18 or so that Klara’s Krysia would have been in 1945.  (Klara was born in 1927, and I’m assuming Krysia was probably born about the same time.)

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