VMA minutes 2020

Minutes of Vusario Maintenance Association Annual Meeting – April 19, 2020

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am

Conducted as a Zoom meeting – Directed from Michael Hurwicz’s home

Members present by Zoom or Proxy: Ahrens, Boyden, Cariddi/Garcia, Doyle, Finlay/Knowles, Frances, Hurwicz, Kaulakis, Leverant, Liebmann, Mushen, Schmitz, Schwartz, Stoll, Young

Projected Budget:

VMA Projected Budget for the coming year was presented, as follows:

The dues for VMA members are $300. Motion was made to accept and seconded and the budget for 2020-21 was approved by voting members of the Association in person and by proxy.

Road Report

The road report was presented but no vote taken.

Proposed New By-Law:

The following by-law was proposed.

Board Meeting Minutes are required to reflect the position taken by each, specifically named, Board Member. Any Board Members who vote to, and consequently proceed to spend outside the Approved Budget, without conducting the required vote of the membership, will have a lien placed on their property until such funds are reimbursed to the Association. This lien will reflect the amount spent plus the cost to place the lien on the property and any accrued interest per our By-Laws. The amount of money will be equally split among those Board Members who voted to approve the unauthorized spending outside of the approved budget as reflected in the RCW.

Motion was made and seconded but failed to pass.


Meeting adjourned at 10:55am.

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