Ulica Graniczna

Henry in his Shoah testimony (Henry Hurwicz, testimony for the Shoah Foundation) said that number 10 Ulica Graniczna (“Border Street”) where the Hurwicz family (Adek, Zina, Leo, Henry) lived would be just outside the ghetto: “So we knew that somehow they were going to build the ghetto wall right in the center of Graniczna Street. And our house would be outside of the ghetto….” This address accords with my memory. Also, Ari Kolbar wrote me in an email, “As you know, our grandparents lived in Warsaw in Graniczna Street 10 and 11 . . .”

The database at http://www.warszawa.getto.pl says that Graniczna 11 was not in the Warsaw Ghetto.

This is supported by the map at http://sharemap.org/public/Warsaw_Ghetto#!webgl, which shows that area of Graniczna (the area just to the right of the purple line at the top of the screen shot below) to be just outside the Ghetto.
This also coincides with what my father told me – that they lived just outside the Jewish part of town.

The map below, from http://static.geozeta.pl/content/docs/atlas.pdf shows Ulica Graniczna in the upper left-hand corner. The light tan color of the buildings (numbered 4, 6, 8 … 12, 14, with 10 missing but implied) indicates that they were entirely destroyed in World War II. The street was destroyed as well. The black outlines show the streets now. When Leo returned to his old neighborhood long after World War II, the only thing he recognized was a tree in a park.

The map below shows how Ulica Graniczna related to the ghetto. The red arrow (which I added) points to Graniczna.
[Map found at https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/comments/842o3d/map_of_the_warsaw_ghetto_19401943/ on 12-23-19.]
“Ulica Graniczna” is a 1948 movie about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  It takes place on Ulica Graniczna:

“The story of Polish and Jewish families living side by side in one Warsaw street. Everything changes once and for all with the Nazi invasion.”  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0041999/

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