Postcard from Leo’s family in Lida, April 18, 1940

Beloved Lolusiu (Loluś is a nickname for Lolek — which is a nickname for Leonid — and Lolusiu is the vocative form of Loluś.)
We received your telegram (Depeszę Twoją dostaliśmy), and we are very happy that all is going well with you. How is your studying going? When do you finish the PhD work? Would you have exams, and when? Unfortunately, we have no idea (nie mamy zielonyo pojęcia — probably should have quotes around both zielonyo  and pojęcia — literally “we have no green idea” is a colloquial expression for “we have no slightest idea”) about all this because the last postcard we received from you was dated 6 March. In addition, we got a card from Kazik [Kazik Zweibaum *] which said that he had a card from you dated 18 March. As you see we have had no information from you for more than a month (beside the telegram). How about you from us? Because we write all the time, although last week we didn’t write. How are your spirits (zdroweczko is a nickname for zdrowie = health, here it probably means spirit )? By us all is good. Kissing you strongly, Hen (signature)
Beloved son (syneczek is an affectionate form of syn = son), we are happy that you’re healthy and that you study. Unfortunately, ………………………………………….
….how is your health ? how do you look ?
We are healthy, otherwise nothing is new. I kiss you strongly and heartfully. Mom
A strong kiss, beloved Loluś, as it looks……we don’t know how long …… detained……

[Some of the last seven or eight lines, added by Adek and Zina, is not translated. The handwriting was too difficult to read.]

We are very happy that you are healthy and that you are studying, unfortunately the lack of details, how is our health, how is your house, how

how does your house look. we are healthy, beside that nothing new. moishe kisses you a hundred times. mommy


kiss you dear lolus, as you see we are meandering, we don’t know how long we will stay over here. adek

szczęśliwi jesteśmy – we are happy


że jesteś zdrowy – that you are healthy


* Kazik Zweibaum was a friend of Leo’s mentioned in a letter to Ruth Schechter.  See below.
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