Gitła Sołowiejczyk

Wife of Michał. Daughter of Chaskel Frydland and Mere Sheva Kocyn (Kotzin). Gitła and Michał were the parents of Maniek (father of Guela), who changed his surname to Solow. Gitła died in 1942 in Warsaw.* Below is a photograph of Gitla’s grave in the Okopowa cemetery in Warsaw. Guela was told that she died in the Warsaw Ghetto. This cemetery was in the Ghetto. However, Allon Amittai notes that graves from that period were mostly group graves. (email, 6-27-18) So the gravestone could be from 1942 or could be purely commemorative from a later date. The link below provides GPS coordinates which Allon speculates may identify the location of the actual grave. Though I’ve always heard her referred to as Gitla (or Gitel), apparently, based on the gravestone below, her full name was Cywja Gitła Sołowiejczyk. The somewhat obscured top line appears to give her maiden name, Frydland.
GPS coordinates and a different picture at
* Below the name SOłOWIEJCYZK, the line reads
zm. wiosną 1942 r
zm. = zmarła = “(she) died”
r = rok = “year”

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