Max and Sara Lea (Frydland) Hurwicz with their four daughters (Rachel, Dorota, Felicia, Helenka), Adek‘s sisters.

They were the first “Hurwicz” family in our genetic line. (Prior to Max Hurwicz, the family name was Kotzin. He took the name Hurwicz to avoid the draft: The Kotzins had two sons, the Hurwicz family had none. An only son would not be drafted. So Max was registered as a Hurwicz.)

Look in Sara Lea’s eyes in this picture. If you see a fierce and fearless woman, you are not far off. A story is told about her that in 1917, a soldier came to their door demanding all their food and money. Sara Lea, knowing that the soldier would probably not shoot her, grabbed a broom and started beating him and yelling, “Get out of here right now!” Not knowing what else to do, he complied.

Leo said, “My father is not in the picture because he was in Warsaw.”

So this picture must have been taken between 1919 (when Adek returned to Warsaw with Zina and Leo) and 1927 (when Max died).

Helenka, who emigrated to the U.S. from Russia in 1973, is probably the daughter standing just behind and to the right of Sara Lea (closer to Max).

Maks Mojzesz Hurwicz
b: 1862
d: March 7, 1927
  • 1862 - Birth - ‎; Shavlany, Lithuania
  • March 7, 1927 - Death - /kocyn-research-report/; Moscow
Tobiasz Tuvya Kocyn Kotzin
1831 - May 7, 1874

Maks Mojzesz Hurwicz
1862 - March 7, 1927
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Tobiasz Tuvya Kocyn Kotzin
DeathMay 7, 1874 Warsaw, Poland
Marriageto Elka Razajczyk
FatherKocyn Kotzin
PARENT (F) Elka Razajczyk
Marriageto Tobiasz Tuvya Kocyn Kotzin
FLea Dwora Kocyn Kotzin
Marriageto Icchak Cohen
MMoses (Moshe, Moritz) Kocyn Kotzin
Marriageto Helen (Chaya Feigel) Friedland
MMaks Mojzesz Hurwicz
Birth1862Shavlany, Lithuania
DeathMarch 7, 1927Moscow
Marriageto Sara Lea Frydland
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Maks Mojzesz Hurwicz
Birth1862Shavlany, Lithuania
DeathMarch 7, 1927 Moscow
Marriageto Sara Lea Frydland
FatherTobiasz Tuvya Kocyn Kotzin
MotherElka Razajczyk
PARENT (F) Sara Lea Frydland
DeathMay 6, 1934 Moscow, Russia
Marriageto Maks Mojzesz Hurwicz
FatherCheskel Frydland
MotherMiriam Batszeva Kocyn
MTobjasz Stefan Hurwicz
Birth22 AUG 1887Poland
Death13 SEP 1949Warszawa, Poland
Marriageto Chaja Ejdla - Helena Minc
MAdolf Abraham (Adek) Hurwicz
Birth10 DEC 1889Warsaw
Death4 AUG 1981Minneapolis, MN
Marriageto Sophie Zina Salamon
MSolomon Monjo Hurwicz
FDwojra Dora Hurwicz
Marriageto Nachum Zacharin
FRachela Raya Hurwicz
Marriageto Naum
FHelen Hurwicz
Birth9 MAY 1905Poland
Death6 MAR 1998Minneapolis, MN
Marriageto Shura Shavzin
FFelicia Hurwicz
Marriageto Yakov Abramson
Descendancy Chart
Maks Mojzesz Hurwicz b: 1862 d: March 7, 1927
Sara Lea Frydland b: 1862 d: May 6, 1934
Tobjasz Stefan Hurwicz b: 22 AUG 1887 d: 13 SEP 1949
Chaja Ejdla - Helena Minc b: 25 AUG 1888 d: 25 MAR 1967
Malwina Malka Mala Hurwicz b: 14 AUG 1910 d: 20 MAR 1978
Izaak Izydor kowalek-Kowalski b: 13 JUN 1907 d: 10 MAR 1972
Roy Benjamin Kowalsky b: 27 JUL 1976
Max Maksym Mika Kowalski b: 13 JUN 1941
Varda Roza Kowalski b: NOV 1947 d: 25 NOV 2008
Varda Roza Kowalski b: NOV 1947 d: 25 NOV 2008
Tzachi Karol b: 16 SEP 1973
Hilla Karol b: 12 DEC 1974
Hilla Karol b: 12 DEC 1974
Liam Benishti b: 19 FEB 2005
Romi Benishti b: 19 FEB 2005
Adolf Abraham (Adek) Hurwicz b: 10 DEC 1889 d: 4 AUG 1981
Sophie Zina Salamon b: June 12, 1893 d: February, 1956
Henry Hurwicz b: 1922 d: 2010
Leo Leonid Hurwicz b: 21 AUG 1917 d: 24 JUN 2008
Evelyn Jensen b: 31 OCT 1923 d: 22 NOV 2016
Ruth Hurwicz b: 25 MAY 1951
Prof. David Markovitz b: 25 FEB 1954
Lara Markovitz b: 1983
Adam Markovitz b: 13 FEB 1987
Michael Mike Hurwicz b: 18 JAN 1949
Linda Cheryl Bryant b: 2-8-53
Maxim Hurwicz b: 5 SEP 1953
Sarah Hurwicz b: 7 DEC 1946
Jon Kogut b: 17 MAY 1945
Sophie Kogut b: 23 AUG 1967
Brian Ashley Judd b: 5 JAN 1968
Rachel Ann Kogut b: 8 AUG 1969
Paul Don Hodges b: 21 AUG 1970
Melody Ann Hodges b: 4 FEB 2007
Torin Nathaniel Kogut b: 9 OCT 1997
Dwojra Dora Hurwicz b: 1892 d: 1933
Mara Marina Zacharin b: 1928 d: 2006
Max Zacharin b: 17 MAY 1958
Kira Volvovsky b: 19 SEP 1968
Yonatan Zacharin b: 15 FEB 2003
Daniel Zacharin b: 27 DEC 2004
Uri Zacharin b: 16 MAR 2010
Helen Hurwicz b: 9 MAY 1905 d: 6 MAR 1998
Masha Shavzin b: 1964
Boris Abramson b: 1945 d: 1984
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